Dollars to Donuts-The Simpsons: Tapped Out Game Faqs

One of the most important choices that you can make in the game is not to spend your Donuts on speeding up play.

In fact you should be very reluctant to spend a Donuts on anything that does not pay a dividend — basically if it is not an item that adds to your income, provides a special effect, or otherwise improves your strategic position, you should not be wasting Donuts on it!

That is, of course, assuming that you do not plan to BUY Donuts using real world money. If you can afford to do that and you want to, then ignore this advice, spend your Donuts any way you like.

If on the other hand you do not want to spend real-world money on them, then follow the above advice religiously!

Before we end this basic play section, there are a few tips you may find very useful:

(1) Purchasing the Springfield Sign will give you a 4.50% Money and XP Bonus every time one of your characters completes a job. You want to get this as soon as you can, but getting it as soon as you can will require you to spend real money, so you may be better off getting used to not having it.

(2) Once you can do so, have Homer play with his myPad and, while he is playing with it, tap him ten times to complete a hidden Premium Action — You will then be awarded 10 Donuts and a Jebediah Springfield Statue, which has the effect of maxing out your Vanity Rating, which is a good thing.

(3) Try to make use of any special abilities that some buildings have — use the farm to grow crops as much as you can.

(4) While you always want to try to keep your characters (heh, I almost wrote Sims) working — if they don’t have a job, you will want to give them one — you need to always remember that this game is built on the client-server model, which means it is actually EA’s server that is dictating when you get assigned the special tasks and quests that advance the story and game progress.

Because of that, you ALWAYS want to tap the button that takes you to the other Springfields and then after it loads, return to the game to force it to synchronize with the EA server BEFORE you assign lengthy tasks to any of the characters, because you will often find that when there is a forced task in the queue doing this will cause it to pop into your game.

It really sucks to assign all your characters tasks and then get a forced task you can not activate because you assigned that character a task…