TOY MAKER’S FUNFAIR-Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate Game Cheats

Head forward and before the weird doorway you’ll have to fight a few
waves of Magic Books and Werewolves. Very easy stuff. Head forward through
the door to see the Funfair. Use the Health Font and continue past the
Shrouded Figure onto the carosel.

Here a scene will take place. You’ll need to avoid damage for a time as
the carosel runs. The objects here come in three heights: High (which you can
just run under), Medium (which you can roll under) and Low (which you can jump
over). No biggie. For fun, can you name all the monsters that are trying to
hurt you? They are all enemies from previous games in the series!

After a scene you’ll have to do some more dodging. Keep on staying alive
and soon you’ll see an animated cut-scene. Very cool! Hmm, wonder who THAT
is! Hehe…

After the scene, go back and fill up your health if you wish and move on.
Push the box to the right to head further up. Use the Grapple Point to get
on the carosel and head to the left and head further up. Go past the elevator
here and push the box to the left. Use it to find the chest up above you for
a [_HEALTH INCREASE_]. Go back down and take the elevator up now.